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First time floating? First time at Calm Waters? Curious about what you do? You've come to the right page. 

The Calm Waters Floating Experience

We will continually strive to give you the best float experience we can at Calm Waters.  Whether its your first float or your hundredth we hope this page can help you understand what to expect at Calm Waters.


Before Your Session

Before you session we suggest a eating a light meal so you don't have to listen to the rumbling and grumbling of your stomach.


We also suggest avoiding coffee or caffeine before your session so you don't feel too energized to relax.

If this is your first float at Calm Waters, we encourage arriving a minimum of 15 minutes early. This is to ensure your float starts on time and you don't feel rushed to get in the tank.

If this is a returning visit we ask clients to arrive 10 minutes early to any appointment at Calm Waters.

Upon Arrival to Calm Waters

After entering Calm Waters, please check in with the front desk staff to make sure all paper work and waivers are signed.

This is a great time to utilize the restroom before your session, please ask the front desk for its location if you are unsure.

We invite you to grab a refreshment and take a seat in our lobby while you wait.


When your room is ready we will call you back and take you through your first time floaters walk through.

Dark Couch

Preparing For Your Float

After you are turned free from the front desk staff its time to prepare for your float.  

We ask clients to please remove all jewelry. 

If a client choses to use ear plugs now is the time to apply them, before you're wet from the shower or the tank.


After completely undressing clients are asked to shower fully with soap and shampoo only. This is ensure all bodily oils, hair products, and lotions are removed and won't end up in the tanks.  

Make sure to not take a shower that is too hot or too cold.

Before entering the tank this is a good time to apply the Vitamin A and D ointment to any cuts or small wounds before entering the float pod.  This helps act as a water proof barrier so the epsom salt solution does not cause burning to your scratch.


Your Float Experience

Your float experience is entirely your own.

You may chose to keep the float pod door open or closed, we suggest if you leave it open to close it half way or more to keep the warmth in the tank.

Once you are settled in the tank you may choose to utilize the foam head halo under your head.  

You may experiment with the lighting keeping it on or off.

You may try positioning your arms and legs to find a comfortable position.

In the case of getting the epsom salt solution in your eyes or mouth there is a spray bottle with plain water and a hand towel located in the tank.

During your float you may fall asleep, meditate, rest, or just enjoy the peace and quiet. Many people have different experiences in the tank. Theres no right or wrong way to float!


After Your Float

You will know that the float is over when the pump turns on and the water starts flowing. The pump is loud and after 75 minutes of quiet and still water it will be noticeable! 

Take a few moments to slowly sit up and bring your awareness back.

When you feel ready please step out of the tank carefully and take a shower to rinse all the salt off of you.

If you are wearing ear plugs now is the time to remove them.

 We provide shampoo, body wash, and conditioner in the shower. We also provide a 50/50 vinegar ear wash solution you may use to rinse your ears.  We suggest rinsing your ears with shower water, then use the vinegar solution.

After the shower please get dressed and utilize the get ready area in the restrooms. We provide hair dryers, lotion and extra q-tips in each restroom. We ask that you utilize the restrooms to finish getting ready instead of the float rooms so we can get the rooms sanitized and ready for the next guest.

After you are finished getting ready, you are welcome to utilize the meditation area if you would like to extend your float zen.

If you have any questions, concerns, or would like to book or purchase your next float session please check in with the front desk before you enjoy the rest of your day or evening.

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