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Explore Calm Waters 

Welcome to our float center located in Market Square.  We offer more than just floating though! Here at Calm Waters we believe we have some thing for everyone. Curious? Come in for a tour yourself!

Calm Waters Float Tanks

Our Royal Spa float pods offer a relaxing experience to step away from the noise, lights, and distractions from every day life.  

Each float tank is heated to a cozy 94 degrees Fahrenheit to match your skin temperature so relaxing will be easy.  Each tank has around 1000 lbs of high-quality, medical grade, magnesium sulfate-also known as epsom salt. Epsom salt is a well known product that has been used for years to relieve pain, muscle aches, and soreness. With the high saturation of the epsom salt, floating is easy to achieve. Allow yourself a chance to experience weightlessness in our pods.

Our tanks have 3 different means of sanitization to ensure a clean and clear floating solution.



When we think of sauna we traditionally think of the Finnish style sauna (lots of steam and high humidity). Infrared saunas very from the Finnish style sauna mainly in design but also in how you experience the heat provided.  Instead of using steam, infrared saunas infrared heaters to produce radiant heat, which is then absorbed through the surface of the skin.

Turn up the heat in our infrared sauna. Enjoy our sauna by yourself or with a friend. 


Let your licensed massage therapist help you ease the tension in your body and calm your mind.  Our massage therapist are available by appointment and are looking forward to calming your nervous system.

Currently we have massage therapy available on Tuesdays and Thursdays with Allie.  Allie specializes in Lomi Lomi, the traditional Hawaiian massage.


Allie's massage therapy services are available to women only at this time.

Palm Massage
Mudra Meditation


Our relaxation area can be utilized by clients to extend your session.  Want to continue meditating? Need to explore your thoughts or journal about your session? they to stretch out a bit after your massage? The the relaxation room may be perfect after your session.  Enjoy the continued quiet, drink some calming tea, and utilize our yoga equipment to your need.

This space will be used for the occasional event like a meditation class, restorative touch, or a small yoga series here or there! Ask the front desk staff for any events happening at Calm Waters.

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