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Calm Waters Float Therapy was born from a need of floating with out driving hours to find a float tank.

The sanctuary that is found in water can be calming to so many. We at Calm Waters saw a need in our community for a place to turn inwards and find retreat from the constant go, go, go of our daily jammed packed schedules.

With a deep love for water, and a desire to provide an alternative form of recovery from the physical, mental, and emotional demands of daily life, Calm Waters was born.

Visit us at Calm Waters to float in our float pods, pamper yourself on the massage table, and release your tension in the infrared sauna.

"Calm Waters is my love letter to so many wonderful things I've experienced in my life that I hope I can honor and share with those around me. As a massage therapist and yoga teacher I have always felt best in serving others. Calm Waters is my way of combining all the things that make sense to me and have helped me in life. The peace I have found in the water and the ability to create space for yourself in less conventional methods of healing like body movement and massage therapy."

-Allie Paschen, Calm Waters Founder



Entering a dim, quiet, and warm room. You step into a pool of water that's the perfect temperature.

Feeling perfectly comfortable you lie back, starting to feel weightless as the highly salinated water holds you effortlessly.

You feel yourself relax in the water. You breathing starts to slow.

Closing your eyes you to hear something that you haven't in a long time, your heart beat.

Feeling comforted, you drift in the calm waters, slowly feeling muscles relax.

Before you know it the jets turn on and the float session is over. Could it really have gone by that fast?

This could be you, want to give it a try?


Float Therapy is...

A large pod filled with a 10 inches of standing water. The water is heated to 94 degrees Fahrenheit and has about 1,000 lbs of magnesium sulfate (epsom salt) poured in.

People use float therapy as a form of meditation, chronic pain management, alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety, and so much more!

Find out how floating can improve your quality of life, book your session today!

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