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Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, we have answers.

Floating, sauna, and massage may be a totally new experience for you, and new experiences can often bring up a lot of questions, we get it! To help ease any pre-visit anxiety please see these frequently-asked-questions below and our Before You Float section for first time floaters at Calm Waters below that!

Still don't see the answer you're seeking? Give us a call or shoot us a message!

Floating Basics

What is floating? Floating is AWESOME! It is a chance to take a break from your senses, a break from gravity, and to turn inward. Many people know float therapy as "sensory deprivation tanks" but we do not like or use that term here at Calm Waters. We truly stand behind Dr. Feinstien (a big advocate for float therapy) when he coined the term "internal sensory elevation tank". So turn inward in our float tanks and experience your true 6th sense of "interoception", the act of listening to the bodies signals.

But, what do you do in the float tank? Some people meditate, some people sleep, some stretch out and enjoy the weightlessness, others just enjoy the peace and quiet. While there's not much to do in the float tank there are many possibilites of what you could experience.

Is the water changed after each client? No, just like pools and spas, we utilize showering, multiple filtration systmes, and proper tank and float solution maitencene to ensure a clean and clear float solution and tank! Our Royal Spa float pods have three different types of sanitizing systems for proper cleanliness. A filtration system that cycles the entire float solution 3-5 times between clients, a UV light sanitization system and a Ozone injection system.

Can a minor (under 18) float? YES! While anyone under 18 may float with permission from a parent or guardian, floaters under 13 may need extra assistance. Please contact us at to inquire about getting some one under 13 in a float tank.

Can anyone float? While we want to offer everyone a chance to float there may be a few exceptions. Those with epilepsy or seizure conditions should consult with their doctor first. Anyone with kidney ailments also should also consult with their doctors. Not sure if floating is a good fit for you? Please reach out and ask us questions.

Will my ears and hair get wet? Yes, your ears and hair are submerged in the float solution. You will need to wash your hair before and after your float. We do provide earplugs you are welcome to use however this is not a 100% guarantee that water will not get in your ears. We provide an ear wash solultion of vinegar and water you may use in the shower. If you're concerned about getting water in your ears or have an issue with your ears, please consult your doctor if floating is right for you.

Float Experience Questions 

Do I really have to shower before and after? Yes. It is required that all clients shower using soap and shampoo before and after using the float tank. Showering before your float with soap and shampoo washes away any oils, lotions, dirt, makeup, and hair products and body products that we do not want in the tank, these can alter the the float solution! You will need to shower after the float to wash off the salt in your hair and on your body. Otherwise you will walk around as a big epsom salt crystal post float!

Can I use bath oils or a bath bomb for my float? No, while we LOVE bath products, using them in our tanks is not permitted. These products could alter the float solution for the next guest and also damage the filtration systems of our float pods. We ask that you leave these products at home and use them at your leisure!

Can I float with a friend or my partner? Unfortunately at this time our tanks are desinged for single person use. Due to size, adding a second person to the tank may make you feel very cramped and not provide a very relaxing float! We are planning to add a fourth float room in the future that will host a larger float tank that's comfortable for 2 floaters at once!

What do I wear for my float? Simple answer, nothing! Your float session is in a private room and often the small amount of cloth of a swim suit can be enough to cause a distraction from your float. Swim suits also are washed with detergents and those detergents and fabric softeners can ruin our float solution or damage the filtration systems. So save space in your bag and leave the suit at home!

Sanitizing and Safety

I have dyed or chemically treated hair, can I float? This is a tricky question. The answer is: Possibly. While we don't want to tell anyone no, we also are going to protect our float tanks and the water solution. While dyed or treated hair looks awesome, the colors can run in our float tanks, affecting the water solution and potentially staining our float tanks. This could also ruin your recent hair do! Unnatural hair colors (rainbow colors) are the easiest colors to run in the tanks and we are the most cautious when a client has these hair styles. We ask clients to wait to float at least after 8-10 hair washes and if there is absolutely no hair color running in the shower and when dried with a white towel. All clients are subject to a white towel test before floating if there is a concern of hair dye. We appreciate your cooperation to keep our tanks and facilities safe and clean. We want to remind our clients that damage to our tanks or solution could result in a charge of a minimum of $2400. This is to cover the cost of replacing the float solution, needing to cancel floats for the rest of the day, and damage to the fiberglass tanks. So please plan accordingly when scheduling your float!

I have a cut or open wound, can I still float? Yes. We provide an A and D vitamin ointment packets that can help create create a waterproof barrier from the float solution. We reccomend using this after your shower but before you get into the float tank.

Can I float if I'm pregnant? Because every pregnancy is so different, we always reccomend consulting with your doctor or birth care team. We ask clients to wait the first 12 weeks of pregnancy to float. Our prenatal clients can find so much relief in our tanks while floating. We provide pool noodles for prenatal clients so they can float belly down and keep their head above water.

Can I float while menstruating? Yes, as long as you are able to use hygiene products like you would in a swimming pool and are comfortable you are welcome to float in the pods.

I just got a new tattoo or piercing, can I float? We reccomend waiting a minimum of 6 weeks until your tattoo or piercing is fully healed before floating. The salt solution can cause a burning sensation to open skin and your float may be very uncomfortable. So please schedule your float accordingly. :)

I just had surgery, can I float? We reccomend waiting 6 weeks after surgery and getting the all clear from your doctor or surgeon before getting back in the float pods. We also ask clients to wait until their surgical incisions are fully healed before returing to the float pods. Epsom salt can cause a stinging sensation to open wounds and cuts, which is the opposite of relaxing!

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